Wilson A2K vs A2000: Which Is The Better Baseball Glove?

Wilson A2K vs A2000

You have probably heard this comparison before. In fact, you might have wondered which of these two is a better baseball glove. In a nutshell, both of them are great, given that they are manufactured by Wilson – a sporting company known for its years of craftsmanship. 

A2000 and A2K are touted to be among the most commonly used gloves in Major League Baseball, as well as other leagues and competitions globally. Regardless if you are a pro, amateur, or someone who just wants to play the game, these two gloves from Wilson are definitely worth your every penny. 

Because of their close affinity with each other, it is not surprising that they are always compared side by side. Of course, if you have the money and opportunity to get either of them, you’ll probably get confused as to which one you should choose. 

If you want to refine your choices and arrive at the option you deem the best for you, check out the discussion below. 

Wilson A2K vs A2000: Tale Of The Tape

Let’s see the rundown and comparison of these two iconic baseball gloves.

Wilson A2000 Overview

The Wilson A2000 glove series was first brought to the market in 1957. It was introduced by the Chicago-based manufacturer as a premium professional baseball glove. The glove itself was tailored with superb and almost peerless craftsmanship. Even today, this glove still enjoys the limelight as one of the most sought gloves of baseball players. 

Moreover, the Wilson A2000 gloves have impressive break-ins. They are long-lasting, which solidifies their durability and responsiveness whether you use them on practices or official games. A2000 also excels in the protection department. Once your hands are clad by this glove, the sting that you feel upon receiving a ball would be reduced. Despite such capability, the glove remains to be a top choice when it comes to feel and overwhelming user experience. 

If you are asking who used this glove already, the names seem to line up. From Clayton Kershaw down to Robinson Cano, the Wilson A2000 has a reputable stature in the professional leagues. 

Wilson A2K Overview

Compared to the Wilson A2000, the A2K baseball glove series is one of the latest releases. You can say that it is the new kid on the block. However, it didn’t have this amateur-ish ambiance when it was released on the market. In fact, Wilson presented it as a rivaling alternative for A2000. And that alone cements the notion that this glove is something that you cannot shrug off. 

The construction of A2K baseball gloves involves the use of high-quality materials. Craftsmen from Wilson didn’t rush their time when piecing the A2K gloves together. Hence, you can say that all the aspects of these gloves are above the minimum standards of what a good baseball glove should be. According to some enthusiasts and baseball connoisseurs, the A2K is among the best baseball gloves that you can get today. Surely enough, that can change in the future if ever Wilson or other rivaling companies like Rawlings would make a better version of it. But in the meantime, let’s just be happy that the A2K is in the scene.

In the Major Baseball League, prominent players have been seen wearing the A2K. Dustin Pedroia and Jose Altuve are just some of the notable names that can vouch about the quality of this particular baseball glove series.

If you place A2000 and A2K side-by-side, you’ll see that the signature inclusions of Wilson are within them. One of these components is dual-welting, which is a patented design. Wilson’s unique patterns are also evident in these two gloves. 

Key Differences Between Wilson A2000 and Wilson A2K

Wilson A2K Baseball GloveWilson A2000 Baseball Glove

Despite the similarities that they have, these two gloves have distinct nuances. Below are some of the key differences between these two heavyweights. 

  • Cost – Obviously, A2000 is more affordable than the A2K glove series, and that’s understandable. You see, the time and effort poured into the construction of A2Ks are just overwhelming. The finesse and sophistication in the construction of the A2K glove yielded a hundred buck difference – more or less. The average cost of the A2000 baseball glove sits at $250. On the other hand, the A2K baseball glove weighs down on the price scale due to its $350 average cost. 
  • Primary material – Premium baseball gloves only use authentic leather. That’s a no-no for vegans, but that’s not our concern here. Specifically, the A2K gloves are using the Pro Stock Select leather. Right now, it is arguable that this is the best leather variant for baseball gloves. If you can wear a glove made from this material, you’re truly blessed. After all, Pro Stock Select leather is three times more durable and thicker than the American Steerhide Pro Stock leather used in A2000 gloves. I am not saying that the latter is shabby material. But if you are going to compare it with the Pro Stock Select leather, the winner is as clear as the morning.
  • Construction – Again, the A2000 and A2K Wilson baseball gloves are both great, as they are both handcrafted. However, the company’s craftsmen ensured that they could dedicate an exhausting amount of hours to create the A2000. The result of such a rigorous process is a glove that is light and easy to break-in. It has a superior game-ready performance. Even if you don’t use a baseball glove conditioner, the A2000s are always in their best shape right from the get-go.
  • Durability – One can never water down the durability of the A2000 and A2K baseball glove series. They are designed to last multiple seasons without significant deterioration in their construction and performance. But between the two, A2000 baseball gloves are just another league. The reason for this is the combination of excellent craftsmanship and selection of premium materials. 
  • Linings – The linings of a baseball glove play essential roles in optimizing support, protection, and ball control. Therefore, there’s a need for baseball glove manufacturers to put emphasis on these components. Wilson, being a seasoned sporting giant, knows about this matter. And it is quite evident in its A2000 and A2K baseball glove series. The liners used in the A2000s are beyond satisfactory. They can give you the comfort that you deserve as a baseball player. Meanwhile, A2K also flaunts a softer liner. And this one is way softer than what is found on the A2000 gloves. 
  • Heel and palm – It is notable that A2Ks feature double palms in their architecture. Because of this, their pockets attain impressive levels of durability and stability. Moreover, there’s a thin leather under where the palm is located, resulting in more responsive catches. But because of this feature, the feel that you can experience from the glove will somewhat lessen. Furthermore, the padding on the heels of A2Ks is thicker than of the paddings of A2000s. 
  • Shape and fit – One should know that the A2Ks has been constructed three times more than its counterpart to reduce the need for break-ins. With such a capability, there’s no problem in letting this glove conform to your hand shape – especially if you got the correct size. Furthermore, the A2K has a sense of uniqueness, given the fact that you can order a customized fit for your hands. A2000 doesn’t offer such a configuration. 
  • Welting – I also found that the welting in the A2000 is slightly inclined on the rough side. Of course, I am not saying this because it’s bad. However, if you are going to compare it with the rolled dual welting of the A2K glove, there’s a little argument that we need to make here. Due to the more innovative welting design of A2K gloves, breaking them in is a lot easier as compared with the A2000 gloves. But trust me; you’ll barely notice the difference. 

These are the significant distinctions between the two baseball gloves from Wilson. As you can see, A2K  exceeds A2000 in almost all departments. However, it is interesting enough that both regular and professional players tend to opt for C prefer the Wilson A2000 glove than the A2K glove. They are not really oblivious about the fact that A2K is better than A2000. They just trust the reputation of the Wilson A2000 series.

After all, why wouldn’t you trust something that has been there for more than half a century already? Moreover, they always view the price as a prime consideration. It is not as expensive as the A2K, but its performance is never disappointing. And if you are worried about break-ins, there are strategies on how you can do so. In fact, professional players have people who specialize in this. Hence, they aren’t hesitant to use the A2000 over the A2K.

In Summary

Wilson’s A2000 and A2K gloves are both impeccable options for any baseball player. Deciding between the two of them might require you to think about your preferences and considerations. When it comes to quality, A2Ks are the better option. If you think more about the price and reputation, then go with A2000. 

That’s how simple it is!

What are your personal thoughts about this comparison? Share your insights in the comment section below!

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