Wilson A1000 Glove Review: Is It Worth Its Salt?

In this Wilson A1000 glove review, you will determine if this particular baseball glove series is worth your time and money. 

In a nutshell, the Wilson A1000 Baseball Glove Series is a perfect choice for those individuals who want to experience using high-quality gloves without spending big. There are a number of gloves made under this series, with each of them having the same finesse as those professional-grade baseball gloves made by this sporting brand.

Furthermore, the Wilson A1000 is known for its shape retention and durability; it can withstand punishments without compromising its game-ready performance. If you are a starter and want to progress your skills in the game, then the Wilson A1000 can be your perfect companion.

Let’s dissect the anatomy of this wonderful baseball glove series in the following section.

Wilson A1000 Glove Review 

There are many reasons why players and enthusiasts have high regard for the Wilson A1000 Baseball Glove Series. While it is true that it isn’t the latest line that Wilson has produced, it still offers impeccable quality and structure. It is excellent for both young and amateur players, given that it captures the Pro Stock feel of the A2000 Series

Available models of Wilson A1000 Baseball Gloves in the market:

Wilson A1000 1786 11.5" Baseball GloveCheck Price
WILSON 2022 A1000 Baseball Glove SeriesCheck Price
WILSON 2022 A1000 Baseball Glove SeriesCheck Price


When inspecting baseball gloves, it is essential that we pay attention to the materials used in their construction.

We want a baseball glove that can last multiple seasons while ensuring a fully flexible and responsive performance. Of course, this is where materials like full-grain leather come in. 

Specifically, the Wilson A1000 is tailored from full-grain leather. Because of this, you can guarantee that the leather exhibits the durability that you need for a long-lasting glove. While it is true that it is not as supple as the Pro Stock leather, it is still softer than most of its counterparts.

You simply need to condition the glove before using it. Alternatively, you can also play catches until such time you can thoroughly squeeze in the glove. 

Once you can do that, you’ll experience the wonders of this baseball glove.

Available For Various Positions 

The Wilson A1000 is a one-stop shop if you are looking for various baseball gloves. Basically, this glove series offers a number of gloves for various positions in the field. You can find infield and outfield gloves here, including gloves for pitchers

Each of these gloves has unique specifications. They have been designed to perform their role without any flaws. The craftsmanship of these baseball gloves and mitts also allowed them to be position-specific. From the webbing to the laces, all the parts of Wilson A1000 are designed to help its users. 

It’s one of the reasons why it is a perfect alternative for various entry- to mid-level gloves produced by brands like Rawlings and Mizuno.

Decent Impact Protection

I know that most baseball players are concerned with the ability of the glove to negate impact and shock. After all, baseball usually involves fast-pitched and hard-hitting balls. If your glove has minimal padding, you’ll definitely feel a lot of stings. At the same time, it causes you to encounter more bounces once the ball reaches the pocket. 

Fortunately, Wilson A1000 has been manufactured to avoid these inconveniences. Specifically, its pocket received optimal layers of padding to help its users feel more comfortable when fielding balls.

It is one of the reasons why many parents would opt for their kids to wear any Wilson A1000 gloves than most of their counterparts. Both its finger stalls and pockets can protect your hands without losing their “feel.”

Durable Lacing

One of the most notable features of the Wilson A1000 is its rugged lacing. Unlike other baseball gloves, the leather laces of the Wilson A1000 baseball gloves aren’t susceptible to snapping.

Even if you use the gloves continuously, they remain taut and structurally durable. They are handcrafted and manually sewn to the glove’s pockets and webs for a flawless result. 

Because the laces of Wilson A1000 baseball gloves are tailored from full-grain leather, it is not surprising that they can exude a professional-grade rigidity. In fact, even after three to five years, these laces would remain intact.

  • Offers a Pro Stock leather feel
  • Highly durable
  • Professionally crafted
  • Designed for both young players and amateurs
  • Available in different designs and positions
  • Stable and optimizes ball control
  • Requires extensive break-ins

The Verdict

Surely enough, the Wilson A1000 is lesser than the Wilson A2000. That’s something that I won’t argue. However, this doesn’t mean that the A1000 Baseball Glove Series isn’t worth your money. It is a good option if you are looking for a high-quality baseball glove that doesn’t cost much. Its current price is less than $150 for the 2020 version and slightly cheaper for the older models. 

Its construction and features deserve some recognition, as it is way better than most of its counterparts. But let me remind you that this one doesn’t arrive to be game-ready. You still need to break it in before you can experience its suppleness. 

That’s it for this Wilson A1000 glove review. If you have other baseball gloves that you want me to check out, just drop them in the comment section below.

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