Most Expensive Baseball Gloves To Ever Roamed The Earth

One thing that I can be certain of is that these equipment are geared to be abused. It is essential for them to be tough, rugged, and overall responsive to the needs of their players. And to some degree, baseball players would want to settle on expensive units to ensure that they got quality on their side. Of course, there are other baseball gloves that are in the entry-level category, and they are quite valuable for practices and training. 

But have you ever heard of a glove that is so expensive that you’ll be hesitant to use it on the field? 

Well, this list is just about these absurdly pricey gloves that can break anyone’s pocket – except if you are filthy rich. 

Most Expensive Baseball Gloves

Luxury Baseball Glove by Hermes – $14,100

If you belong to the top one percent and you like baseball, then this particular glove will surely get your attention. 

Hermes is a designer brand, and it’s brimming with glitz and luxury. All of its items are in the upper category, meaning that the authentic ones can only be worn by individuals who have a lot of dough in their bank accounts. 

But even for a fashion and lifestyle brand, it seems that baseball is still a thing. Proof of that is the Hermes’ construction on a $14,100 baseball glove. The glove offers genuine craftsmanship. It features the use of a “gold swift calfskin” as its primary material. Just the sound of that tells us that we are dealing with some heavyweights here. 

Interestingly enough, the glove is paired with an equally expensive baseball bat – a $1,950 ash wood model with its handle being covered by the same gold swift calfskin. 

Of course, many were awed by this baseball glove. But at the same time, a lot of enthusiasts found it hideous and unnecessary. Even Keith Hernandez, former New York Mets baseman and current baseball analyst, said in an interview that the glove is ridiculous. He is not alone in that sentiment, as others tell that the price of the glove is higher than the annual tuition of standard state colleges. 

But it is not the first time that Hermes crafted such a baseball glove. Back in 2011, the said brand released an $8,500 baseball glove. Despite being slightly cheaper than our gold calfskin glove, it is still downright expensive, right? Believe it or not, that glove has been sold out, which proves that there are people out there who aren’t short on cash. 

Meanwhile, the Luxury Baseball Glove by Hermes receives the benefit of marketing from the brand. Accordingly, the said glove undergoes a rigorous construction process. It said that the hand-made stitches consumed at least 25 hours. 

However, there are other high-quality gloves out there that have impeccable construction, minus the wicked price tag. In fact, I’ve made a list of these baseball gloves, and you might want to check them out. For me, it is not just worth buying an ultra-expensive glove like that, even if you are a baseball aficionado. You can settle on the three-digit categories and see professional quality gloves.

But if you think that you want the Hermes glove, then nobody here can stop you from buying it. 

Rawlings Primo Baseball Glove – $450

Many of us know that Rawlings is a reputable manufacturer of baseball equipment. If your glove is made by Rawlings, you can guarantee that it has the qualities that can amplify your performance. 

Now, Rawlings has a variety of baseball gloves released on the market. Some are priced under $100, while others get higher than that. But at the same time, it is not usual for their baseball glove to exceed the $200 mark. That’s why when the Rawlings Primo was released, everybody raised their eyebrows. 

The Rawlings Primo is an impeccable baseball glove that sits on a price tag that is worth $450. The glove is constructed with double layers of premium Italian leather. It also has break points that enable its users to maximize its performance and capabilities. This glove is tailored to handle strong balls and lets you grip your hand as naturally as possible. With its calf lining, the Primo baseball glove attained a classy appearance. And based on the words of those who have tried this glove, Primo is quite comfortable to the hands. 

For me, Primo is a better investment than the luxury glove of Hermes. Its price is still justifiable, given that it has qualities that every professional pitcher would want. 

Baseball Glove Of Lou Gehrig – $387,000

Baseball Glove Of Lou Gehrig

This one has a lot of controversy going around it. 

For long-time baseball fans, Lou Gehrig is a household name. With a moniker of “The Iron Horse,” Gehrig is considered one of the best professional baseball players that have ever existed. He played as a pinch hitter and first baseman and made many remarkable plays throughout his career. He has a record of 493 home runs, a .340 batting average, and 1995 runs that he was able to bat in. 

If that’s enough, this guy is also a six-time world champion and a seven-time All-Star. Gehrig is also the youngest baseball player who has retired together with his number. 

Hence, when the baseball glove that he used on his last match on April 30, 1939, was auctioned, many got crazy. Later on, the said piece was sold to Penny Marshall, according to official records. 

However, there was a report written and published by Dave Grob, a baseball enthusiast, that suggests that the glove that was sold in the 1999 Barry Halper auction is not authentic. According to Grob, his investigation led him to believe that the real baseball glove that The Iron Horse wore on his last game is currently housed at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. 

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