How To Relace A Baseball Glove?

Baseball gloves, especially those that have sturdy construction, can withstand multiple seasons with ease. But at the same time, this doesn’t mean that they are impervious to damage. Over time, they wear out. 

Of course, this doesn’t also mean that you need to replace them right away. Repairs are always possible, especially if the damage is on the lacing part of the glove’s webbing. It may sound daunting, but honestly, it is something doable. Anyone can do this task, even without prior experience. 

If you want to learn how to relace a baseball glove, just do the following instructions. 

How To Relace A Baseball Glove: Relacing Guide

Surely enough, relacing a glove may not be the thing that you want to look forward to. It can be exhausting, confusing, and discouraging simultaneously. But then again, learning this technical skill is quite essential. If you are a baseball player, you have to be responsible when it comes to your gear. A baseball glove is your hand’s extension once you are in the field. You can’t just chuck the glove just because it has been torn. 

Reconditioning your baseball glove by relacing it is impeccably important. You’ll save money if you do this because it is a preventive method of preserving the quality and build of the mitt. 

Some Of The Tools You Need To Relace A Glove

Some Of The Tools You Need To Relace A Glove
  • Needle – A leather lace needle is a special utility to sew a new lace to your existing glove. Specifically, this particular needle has threads on its end, enabling the lace to be severed into a taper. This design enables the lace to be secured to the needle tightly. In this context, you need a leather lace needle that is durable – with a flat head that can help you navigate to the rough and smooth parts. 
  • Needle nose pliers – A needle nose plier is an essential tool for tying a new lace to your baseball glove. Here, you would want to get a pair of pliers that have long and thin jaws. Such a construction lets you loosen or tighten the lace whenever you need it. Furthermore, it helps you strengthen the tie of the knots. Pliers with smooth jaws also prevent the soft side of the lace from being marred. 
  • Wire Snips – With a wire snip, you would be able to disassemble your work quickly if it goes wrong in the middle. Scissors can also be used, but they are quite cumbersome to use. Furthermore, they have a tendency to harm the leather of the glove. 
  • Laces – Of course, you need brand-new laces whenever you want to relace your glove. Most of the time, these laces are 72 inches long. Meanwhile, the standard baseball glove comes with three to four laces. However, if your glove has a trapeze webbing some a glove that is used in catcher or first baseman position, then you would need more laces. Having six to eight laces would be enough. 

Steps In Relacing A Glove

  1. Before we get into the technical aspect of this procedure, you should have a blueprint first. Honestly, it is challenging to lace a glove, especially if you don’t have a picture or diagram of your glove’s original lacing. Hence, it would be best to take pictures of it from multiple angles before you remove the damaged laces. In this way, you would never miss any important details that could prevent you from accomplishing the task. If you are a first-timer, this process can be cumbersome. But a little practice will help you get the hang of it. 
  1. Now that you have some pictures that can guide you in the relacing process, you should start removing the worn laces. Do this at a moderate pace, ensuring that you wouldn’t damage the glove in the process. 

After you have removed the laces, put some baseball glove conditioner on the glove, especially on the parts between the fingers. In this way, you would not have difficulties in sliding and inserting the laces. You should apply the conditioner throughout the glove, even on its interior. However, don’t overdo the application. Just do it moderately. 

  1. Of course, it is also essential that you apply the baseball glove conditioner to the laces themselves. By doing this, you are simplifying the process of putting the laces into the holes. It also prevents your hands from straining. 
  1. Make a small hole at one end of the lace through the use of the needle. After that, insert one side of the needle through the hole and tie a knot on the lace’s opposite side.
  1. When relacing, make sure that you begin on the part where it is the toughest. Usually, this should be the glove’s palm. Use sufficient force as much as possible. But at the same time, don’t push the lace harshly. In this way, you will not damage the glove.

Also, make sure that every time you relace your glove, expose the smooth portion of the lace. Begin in the back part of the glove’s pinky finger. Specifically, search for the hole that seems to have an off placement, which is typically placed on the pinky finger’s right side – if you have a right-hand glove. If your glove has a left-hand orientation, the said hole should be on the left side of the pinky finger. 

Pass the lace and needle through that hole; after that, continue tracking the needle through the palm’s line. Interestingly, these are the holes that are the most difficult to relace. If necessary, use your other hand (the one that you don’t use in lacing) to assess the holes on the glove’s underside. By doing this, you will be able to check if you have passed the lace correctly. If you think that there’s something off, you can re-do the lacing as immediately as possible.

  1. Once you have reached the part where the glove’s webbing is located, use the nearest hole and create a knot on the lace. Leave a little space so that you can tie the lace later. 
  1. Continue lacing the rest of the gloves using the pattern that I’ve mentioned. But at the same time, you would also need to relace the webbing of the glove before you complete this process. 

How To Relace The Webbing Of A Baseball Glove

Steps In Relacing A Glove

Relacing the glove’s web is an integral part of the overall relacing process. You should undertake this part before you complete the lacing on the fingers. Otherwise, you will have to repeat again so that you can insert the lace through the funnel – or the top portion of the glove’s pocket. 

Here is how you can relace the web:

  1. Before you begin, make sure that your webbing has been treated with a baseball glove oil or conditioner
  1. Next, line the web where it should be. It should be as straight as possible so that you can complete the lacing without any flaws. 
  1. In lacing the web, you should begin at the glove’s back portion, specifically at the bottom. Make sure that you don’t insert all of your lace so that you will be able to insert another lace on the later part. 
  1. You should also start lacing at the glove’s thumb side – the hole that is close to the inner glove. Continue lacing until you reach the hole that is on the pocket’s side. You can do this procedure, regardless of the type of webbing that you have. Specifically, you have to run the lace through the pocket’s top portion. Do this procedure until you get into the top part of the webbing, where you insert the lace inside the pocket’s funnel. Use this method on the other side of the webbing. 
  1. When lacing, make sure that it is tight and never loose. In this way, you will not skip any holes. Otherwise, your baseball glove is prone to breakages when catching hard-hitting balls on the web. It is quite hazardous, especially for infielders. 
  1. Complete the relacing process at the outer portion of the web – on its bottom. You should begin one hole from the hole where you started lacing. Most of the time, this pattern is symmetrical, regardless of the design of the pocket. This method is another way of checking if you did relace your glove properly. Another way of ensuring that you did the procedures correctly is by feeling the inside of the baseball glove. 

You should cut the hanging laces into similar lengths and knot them together. At this part, you should have successfully relaced your glove. 

In Summary

As a baseball player, there’s always a need for you to learn how to relace a baseball glove. It’s such a simple yet effective way to make a glove feel better and, most importantly, more comfortable. Furthermore, it is a necessary maintenance procedure that can prolong the lifespan of your mitt. And while the basic concept is easy enough, relacing can be tricky to master. Hence, practice is essential here. Please don’t shy away from this process so that you will be able to familiarize it skillfully. 

That’s it for the meantime. If you have related inquiries, feel free to ask me in the comment section below.

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