Best Oil For Baseball Gloves: Top 5 Review

Are you looking for the best oil for baseball gloves? If that’s the case, then this post is perfect for you. 

Keep in mind that baseball gloves only work if you have a leather glove. After all, you can’t just break in a synthetic glove or other non-leather mitts. When it comes to leather baseball gloves, you would want them to be flexible, responsive, and durable. And that can only happen if they have been conditioned properly. Over time, the game-ready feel of these gloves loses due to exposure to water, sweat, and moisture. 

Fortunately, you can always fix this problem by using oils or conditioners meant for baseball gloves. 

Among the seemingly endless list of oils in the market today, the following options simply stand out. 

ImageProductVolume / Content Container Dimensions
Rawlings Glovolium Blister Pack 4 ounces1.5 inches x 3.5 inches x 7 inches
Meister Glove Butter 6 ouncesUnspecified
Franklin Sports MLB Dr. Glove Conditioning Glove Oil3 ounces4 inches x 2 inches x 10 inches
Fiebing’s 100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil 16 ounces / 32 ounces3.75 inches x 7.25 inches x 11.75 inches / 7.56 inches x 5.04 inches x 2.01 inches
JobSite Prime Neatsfoot Oil 8 ouncesUnspecified

5 Best Oil For Baseball Gloves

1. Rawlings Glovolium Blister Pack

Rawlings Glovolium is one of the best-selling oils these days. Manufactured by a prominent baseball glove manufacturer, you can guarantee that this oil is well-made and has the proper concoctions for breaking a myriad of leather gloves. It uses a special formulation so that it can clean and soften your gloves and mitts in no time. Furthermore, it’s capable of enhancing the durability of the leather so that it can last for multiple seasons. 

Using this oil is quite easy, too. It comes with a flip-top cap for hassle-free application and secure closure. And while it is true that this baseball glove oil is just only four ounces, you only need a little for it to restore the quality and luster of your glove. Furthermore, this one is quite affordable, so it is not a cumbersome investment for your pocket. 

  • Easy to apply
  • Requires small amounts for it to work
  • Helps in restoring the cleanliness of leather gloves
  • Would work better if it has a spray

2. Meister Glove Butter

If you want a formulation that can easily rejuvenate the quality of your baseball gloves and other gloves tailored from leather, I suggest that you also consider the Meister Glove Butter. This one is a tried-and-tested product that restores worn and dry athletic gloves. If you feel that your baseball glove has become stiff, just apply this butter oil and it will be back to its original luster again. It is a perfect choice for a myriad of sporting gloves, making it a versatile option right from the box. 

Of course, its formulation doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that could ruin the structure of the glove. It only contains a plethora of natural oils that are effective in softening and cleaning leather. It is easy to apply, too, making it a great choice for quick break-ins. Furthermore, it has a neutral scent; it won’t turn you off while applying it to your glove. 

  • Larger than most of its counterparts
  • Only uses natural ingredients
  • Break-in gloves in a matter of hours
  • Should come with a spray

3. Franklin Sports MLB Dr. Glove Conditioning Glove Oil

Another decent option that you can try for a baseball glove oil is the Franklin Sports MLB Dr. Glove. This one is a high-quality option, though its content is just a little smaller as compared to its counterpart. Of course, this one provides sufficient restoration effects to any leather glove. Specifically, it can soften, condition, and improve the responsiveness and flexibility of your fielding gloves. Furthermore, continuous use of this oil ensures that the performance and shape of your favorite glove will be maintained.

The formulation of the MLB Dr. Glove doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals that can ruin your leather and similar materials over time. Unlike other glove oil, this one doesn’t cause staining, which is a plus point for me. Its ingredients are not harmful to the skin either. Just follow the instructions on how to treat this to your mitt and you can guarantee that it can achieve what it is meant to do – and that it is to amplify your performance in the field. 

  • Active ingredients are effective in softening gloves
  • Provides extra durability to the leather
  • Safe formulation
  • A little bit small

4. Fiebing’s 100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil – Natural Leather Preservative

If you want something big and long-lasting, then the Pure Neatsfoot Oil from Fiebing is definitely worth your attention. This one is available in two sizes – 16 ounces and 32 ounces. Now, that’s something that many baseball players would want to check out. The Pure Neatsfoot Oil excels in restoring rugged and dry leather materials that are subjected to constant use such as baseball gloves. It can even work on your shoes, boots, and jackets – if they are made from leather. If you have horse saddles, you can use this oil for conditioning, too! That’s how effective its formulation is. 

Furthermore, you’ll be impressed that this one doesn’t contain artificial contents and chemicals. It only uses natural preservatives together with its Neatsfoot oil. Because of this, you’ll have the confidence that it won’t damage your baseball glove. It can even extend the leather’s lifespan. The oil works by repelling water and protecting the leather from stiffening due to the repeated wet-and-dry cycle. Trust me; this conditioning oil is one of your best choices for a baseball glove oil.


  • Doesn’t contain any chemicals
  • Works well on various leather articles
  • Extends the lifespan of leather
  • No significant drawbacks

5. JobSite Prime Neatsfoot Oil 

Finally, we have the JobSite Prime Neatsfoot Oil. This one is a highly-rated baseball glove oil, and because it uses Neatsfoot oil, which is similar to Fiebing’s leather oil. Because of this, there’s an assurance that this affordable glove conditioner can restore your dried-out gloves and protect them from sustaining unwanted damages to their structure. It can also preserve the appeal of your leather glove by making it look new again. As long as you apply this to your mitts and gloves, they’ll be game-ready in no time.

The JobSite Prime Neatsfoot Oil is efficient when it comes to penetrating the interior of the leather, ensuring that it can conduct thorough lubrication. It can make the fibers of leather become waterproof and breathable, which, in turn, would make it smooth and pliable. In fact, it can even restore the brand-new feel of any glove and other leather equipment. However, keep in mind that it might cause darkening on lightly-colored leather surfaces. Also, let me remind you that you shouldn’t use this on nubuck and suede leathers. 

  • Conducts thorough softening
  • Restores the brand-new feel of leather gloves
  • Adds waterproofing effects
  • Can cause discolorations on light-colored leathers

How To Choose The Best Oil For Baseball Gloves

How To Choose The Best Oil For Baseball Gloves

You might have decided that you want to do some extra searching for your next baseball glove oil. If that’s the case, then I suggest that you apply the following considerations so that you can narrow your search. 


Baseball glove oils are either made from synthetic and natural ingredients. Both of them should do the job. However, for many leather aficionados, the best ones are those that contain natural ingredients only. 

Most of the time, these synthetic oils are somewhat cheaper than their counterparts. They contain active ingredients that are derivatives of petroleum. Don’t get me wrong; petroleum is effective in breaking baseball gloves. But at the same time, they might reduce the quality of the leather over time. 

Meanwhile, natural oils are either made from beeswax, Neatsfoot, and other similar ingredients. Some options combine a plethora of natural oils to maximize their effectiveness in softening and restoring the glove. Aside from breaking in your leather glove, these natural baseball glove oils will not cause any harsh effects on your skin. After all, they don’t contain chemicals and possible toxins. 

Ease Of Use

It is also essential that you pick a baseball glove oil that doesn’t have a fussy application. Preferably, you should go with those oils that have spray containers or bottles. They are the most convenient options since you don’t need to worry about spills and mess. You simply need to spray them on the glove or as instructed by their labels. 

Understandably, not all baseball glove oils are contained inside spray bottles. Hence, your next best choice is those oils that are encased in bottles. Make sure that these bottles can be squeezed easily. They should have secure caps, and their edges should have anti-spill mechanisms. If possible, get those that come with their own applicators so that you’ll be able to use them right from the get-go. 

Water-Resistant Properties

Typically, leather and similar materials get stiff and dry due to the constant wet-and-dry cycle. This matter is quite common on items that are commonly used and exposed to the elements, such as your leather boots and shoes. A similar thing can be said with your leather gloves. If you keep on using them during practices or games, it is natural that they will accumulate grime and moisture from your sweat. Even external elements like rain, snow, and humidity can gradually lose their flexibility and luster. 

Keep in mind that every time you wash and dry your baseball glove, the same thing happens. It’s one of the reasons why there’s a need for you to condition or oil your glove after you dry them. 

Ideally, to prevent the excessive drying of the leather, you need to apply baseball glove oils to them that have water-resistant properties. Specifically, the oil should penetrate the fibers of the leather and coat them with some degree of waterproofing. Here, natural oils do excel in the job. They can extend the lifespan of the leather by ensuring that they aren’t susceptible to being too arid. 

Why Do You Need To Break-In A Baseball Glove?

The short answer to this question is performance. Basically, you don’t want to use a baseball glove that is too stiff. 

To explain it further, the process of breaking in is quite common for new leather baseball gloves. Upon purchasing a leather glove, you have to anticipate that it doesn’t have a game-ready performance yet. The leather is still rough on the edges, which can cause difficulties in using them. Don’t worry; it is just natural, even for those gloves that have been factory broken.

A baseball glove oil can help you on this matter. They are there to ensure that you can soften the rugged leather, ensuring that they will become supple over time. Commercial baseball glove oils vary when it comes to how you apply them. Therefore, you should follow the instructions set on their labels so that you can get the best results. 

The break-in process can also be repeated after you notice that your baseball glove has become stiff and dry again. Just like what I’ve explained earlier, this is caused by the constant wet-and-dry cycle. Every time that this thing happens, you need to apply oils and conditioners to the leather glove. This method is the only effective way that you can restore the quality and performance of your favorite baseball buddy. 

Of course, let me remind you that you can’t break in a plastic or synthetic glove. These baseball glove oils are designed for leather only. 

How To Use The Best Baseball Glove Oils?

For starters, the ideal way of applying a baseball glove oil is to use it lightly to the surface of the leather. Here, you will only need a thin coat. If the oil doesn’t have a sprayer, you need to pour the oil in a sponge or clean cloth. Follow the prescribed amount stated on the label of the oil. If nothing is indicated, a dime-sized oil droplet should be enough. 

After you do this, you can start working the sponge or cloth to the areas of the glove that are stiff. I suggest that you start at the palm area before you go to the baseball glove’s breakpoint. The last part where you should run the oil is on the webbing. 

Once you complete the said route, you can apply the oil to the rest of the glove’s body. You should never skip the interior linings so that you’ll moisturize them adequately. Working in the linings and finger stalls might be tricky. You might need to get a screwdriver – or similar tools – and place the oil-filled cloth on the top. Insert it to the interior of the baseball glove and start working on those hard-to-reach areas. 

When using a baseball glove oil, make sure that you apply it as evenly as possible. Furthermore, it is not a good idea that you apply it directly to the glove, especially if you don’t have a sprayer. Too many droplets can eventually cause staining, and that’s not something that you would want to happen with your beloved glove. 

Don’t forget to apply oil on the glove’s laces, too. This is an essential step so that you can prevent them from cracking, which, in turn, would cause the webbings to loosen. 

In Summary

The best oil for baseball gloves are incredibly essential. They are there to ensure that you can use your leather gloves for multiple seasons without encountering any problems. Always remember that you should treat leather similarly to your skin. If it gets too dry, it will crack and roughen, effectively losing its quality and performance.

Fortunately, quick work with these oils and conditioners can solve this problem. 

That’s it for the meantime. If you have other inquiries, feel free to ask me in the comment section below.

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