Best Fastpitch Softball Glove For Small Hands: Top 5 Review & Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best fastpitch softball glove for small hands? If so, then you are just in the right place. Here, I have listed some of the top choices you have for these types of softball gloves. 

  1. Rawlings Liberty Advanced Fastpitch Softball Glove Series
  2. Nokona Walnut Fastpitch Infield Glove
  3. Rawlings Sure Catch Youth Softball Glove Series
  4. Franklin Sports Fastpitch Pro Series Softball Gloves
  5. Mizuno Prospect Select Fastpitch Softball Glove Series


Rawlings Liberty Advanced Fastpitch Softball Glove Series

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Of course, fastpitch softball is for everyone. Anyone can play it, even for kids and individuals who haven’t been gifted with big hands. As long as you train for this game, and equip yourself with the right glove, then you can excel in either fastpitch or slowpitch softball.

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In the meantime, allow me to showcase options that offer glove sizes suitable for small players. Let’s get started!

5 Best Fastpitch Softball Glove For Small Hands

1. Rawlings Liberty Advanced Fastpitch Softball Glove Series (Best Choice Product Reviews)

If you are looking for an outfield glove for small-handed players, I suggest that you check the Rawlings Liberty Advanced Fastpitch Softball Glove Series. Many tout it as one of the best fastpitch softball gloves out there, which certifies its quality. The glove itself has a short break-in period and provides long-lasting performance. This unit is tailored from full-grain leather, which is supple and durable at the same time. It also includes a secure fit, thanks to its pull-strap closures. 

This outfield glove features a Pro I Web design and is being held by rugged laces. With such a construction, it is easier for its user to scoop balls without acquiring too much dust and debris on the glove’s pocket. The interior of the glove has sufficient padding; even its finger slots have been embedded with a soft liner. Even if you wear this glove for long periods, it doesn’t cause soreness or annoyance. 

  • Provides easy break-in because of its supple leather 
  • Works well with younger players because of its adjustable fit
  • A great glove for pro players
  • No noticeable drawbacks


  • Material – Full-grain leather
  • Sizes – 11.75 inches 
  • Position – Outfield
  • Orientation – Left-hand/right-hand

2. Nokona Walnut Fastpitch Infield Glove

Surprisingly, the NOKONA isn’t on the pedestal, as compared to brands like Mizuno, Rawlings, and Wilsons. But whether you like it or not, this manufacturer is a reputable creator of handcrafted softball gloves. In fact, its reputation precedes more than eighty years of experience in the industry. It also tailors high-quality baseball gloves. 

A proof of the brand’s finesse is the Walnut Fastpitch Softball Glove. This unit is using the signature leather of Nokona, which is the Walnut Crunch leather. The latter exudes an impressive feel and functionality. It’s durable, rugged, and requires a minimal break in. It offers a game-ready feel, which is something that fastpitch softball players would really love.

By the way, this unit is an infielder’s mitt, which is quite evident by its H-web pattern. With its Velcro strap, finding the right fit is a lot easier. It has a female cut, too, ensuring that it won’t be too loose or tight. 

  • An excellent choice for the middle infielder position
  • Features authentic handcrafted construction
  • Arrives with a game-ready performance
  • Slightly expensive


  • Material – Walnut Crunch steerhide leather
  • Sizes – 12 inches
  • Position – Infielder
  • Orientation – Left-hand/right-hand

3. Rawlings Sure Catch Youth Softball Glove Series

The Sure Catch Youth Softball Glove Series of Rawlings is considered the best glove for small hands by many players. Designed to be a utility glove for outfielders, infielders, and pitchers, this youth glove features a basket web design. In this way, young players can utilize the glove the way they want them to be. Scooping grounders and grabbing fly balls are a lot easier because of this ergonomic pattern. 

Surely enough, this particular glove series isn’t as flimsy and stiff as others think of them. After all, it is made from authentic leather. It also includes padded finger lining for enhanced flexibility, shape retention, and added comfort. Moreover, its SureCatch technology will enable you to close and open it quickly. Aside from that, the glove has been primarily broken in so that it can attain a game-ready performance. 

  • Factory-broken construction
  • Comes with a padded Velcro wrist strap for easier adjustment
  • Surprisingly durable despite its lightweight construction
  • No noticeable drawbacks


  • Material – Leather
  • Sizes – 10.5 inches – 12 inches
  • Position – Utility
  • Orientation – Left-hand/right-hand

4. Franklin Sports Fastpitch Pro Series Softball Gloves

Another fastpitch softball glove that you should consider is the Fastpitch Pro Series from Franklin Sports. It is available in an 11-inch model, which should accommodate your young players or any individual with small hands. But of course, it also provides other sizes, so you better check it out. This youth softball glove has an adjustable wrist closure so that it can provide you a snug fit, regardless of your hand size. The glove fits perfectly without being too tight. But of course, you need to size it first. 

Moreover, this glove features a soft pocket material so that its break-in process wouldn’t be too extensive. Also, I find this softball glove pretty dynamic. It is responsive and can provide you enough comfort and protection when catching balls. And given that this unit is affordable, it becomes a perfect glove for those who are trying to be frugal. By the way, you can get both infield gloves and outfield gloves from the Fastpitch Pro Series.

  • It’s a durable glove
  • Tailored from soft leather; easy to break-in
  • The quality of the glove is more than what you pay for
  • Finger spaces are somewhat tight


  • Material – Leather
  • Sizes – 11 inches – 13 inches
  • Position – Infield and outfield
  • Orientation – Left-hand/right-hand

5. Mizuno Prospect Select Fastpitch Softball Glove Series

One of the fastpitch softball gloves that you can get today is the Mizuno Prospect Series. This one flaunts “gender” engineering, which maximized its performance through the idea that it should meet the needs of female athletes. It offers an excellent fit, even though it doesn’t have the iconic PowerLock Adjustable Wrist Strap of the brand. 

This glove from Mizuno incorporates a full grain steerhide leather, which is an impeccable choice because of its durability and responsiveness. And given that this softball glove arrives at a very affordable price, this unit is really a deal-sealer. With its Parashock Palm Pad, your hands always receive sufficient defense against painful stings when catching speeding balls. 

The glove closed its webbing (as evident on its basket web). Because of this, the Mizuno Prospect Series has been a superb one-stop shop for catcher’s and infielder’s glove. Even as a new glove, it is never stiff and rugged. You won’t exhaust yourself on its break in process, either. Also, keep in mind that the Mizuno Prospect features the proprietary Mzo lining on its interiors and finger slot. It doesn’t just add comfort to your hands; it effectively disperses sweat, too. 

  • Features a deep pocket
  • An ideal choice if you are looking for a smaller glove
  • Glove broken in; features a game-ready performance
  • Doesn’t have an option for those who are looking for a bigger glove


  • Material – Leather
  • Sizes – 12 – 12.5 inches
  • Position – Infield, catcher
  • Orientation – Left-hand/right-hand

How To Choose The Best Fastpitch Softball Gloves

How To Choose The Best Fastpitch Softball Gloves

This is a guide to help you choose the best fastpitch softball gloves. I will be using my personal experience and opinions and other players who have used a fastpitch glove to make this detailed guideline. 

So, where do we start?

Size Of The Fastpitch Softball Gloves

The first thing you need to consider when choosing your fastpitch softball glove is size. You should always buy a pair of gloves that are one or two sizes larger than what you usually wear in baseball/softball. This way, if it fits right away, then there won’t be any issues with sizing down later on. If you don’t want to go up a whole size, just get a smaller-sized glove to use for batting practice before games still.

Of course, adult softball mitts have different sizes from youth softball gloves. However, there are unique instances where youth softball gloves can be worn by an adult. On the flipside, there are young players that require adult-size mitts.

I recommend buying a 1-2 size bigger than what you usually wear in baseball/softball. For example, a 10-year-old girl would probably wear an 11-inch glove while playing fastpitch softball. So she would most likely purchase a 12-inch glove. But at the same time, she can also prefer a 13-inch glove. It all depends on how big her hands are.

But for starters, the chart below can help you decide the size of fastpitch gloves that you need.

Fastpitch Gloves Sizing Chart
AgePositionFastpitch Glove Size
8 years old and belowInfield9 inches – 10.75 inches
8 years old and belowOutfield10 inches – 11.2 inches
9 – 13 years oldInfield10.5 inches – 11.5 inches
9 – 13 years oldOutfield11.5 inches – 12.2 inches
14 years old and aboveInfield11.75 inches – 12.5 inches
14 years old and aboveOutfield12.75 inches – 14 inches

Understanding Fastpitch Softball Gloves By Parts

In choosing a softball or baseball glove, it is crucial that you understand its construction. Exercise your due diligence in learning these matters because that will help you refine your choices and determine a quality glove that fits your requirements. 

  • Webbing – The web is a crucial aspect of any glove, regardless of whether it is for fast or slowpitch softball. In fact, it may identify if a particular option is the best softball glove for you. The web is the one that helps you control the ball. There are two variations for a web: closed and open web. For fielders, they want a slowpitch glove that has an open web. But for pitchers and catchers mitt, closed webs are necessary. 

With a closed web, your pitches can be hidden. On the other hand, slowpitch gloves that have open webs allow stability every time you catch balls. Moreover, the open design helps you scoop balls without gathering debris. 

  • Pocket – The pocket is the part of the glove where the balls go in. Both a softball and baseball glove will require different pocket designs. Most of the time, it depends on the position you are playing in. You will need a deep pocket for a slowpitch softball glove, a pitcher’s and catcher’s mitt. After all, they require stability and control. Meanwhile, slowpitch softball gloves that have shallow pockets are great for infielders since they help in quick releases. 
  • Wrist – Most people think about the wrist strap only when they are purchasing a glove. However, it’s essential to know that the wrist strap has many functions. First off, it helps keep the hand from slipping out of the glove during play. Secondly, it allows the player to adjust their grip by tightening or loosening the straps. The best softball gloves have ergonomic adjustment mechanisms on their wrists to guarantee a snug fit. 
  • Heel – Essentially, the heel is on the lower part of the glove. Its function is to provide safety to your hands from unwanted injuries. When selecting a glove, you must pay attention to the heel of the glove. Some manufacturers put more emphasis on making sure the heel is comfortable, whereas others focus on having a firm heel. Regardless of which type of heel you like, it is essential that you find a good balance between comfort and support. 

Materials Of A Slowpitch Glove

Have you ever encountered the terms “Pro Stock Leather,” “Bio Soft Leather,” and “Ultrasoft Pro Palm Liner?” 

These are just the terms that refer to the materials used in crafting a baseball or softball glove. Surely enough, numerous materials can be used to construct a softball mitt. But at the same time, not all of them are good. Whether you like it or not, that’s not a bias. In fact, many players decide the best softball gloves for them based on the material alone. 

For a slowpitch softball glove, you might want to consider the following materials:

  • Synthetic leather – Some of the best youth softball gloves are made from synthetic leather. After all, these gloves have no extensive demand when it comes to their overall architecture. Specifically, a synthetic leather glove does not require much maintenance, Moreover, it doesn’t absorb sweat as well as natural leather. That said, some players choose to use synthetic leather over genuine leather. They do so because they deem that synthetic leather provides better break-in process. But then again, its durability isn’t that great. 
  • Cowhide and pigskin – These two types of leathers are commonly found in high-end youth gloves. Cowhide is considered one of the most durable kinds of leather available today. It also offers excellent breathability. Meanwhile, pigskin is another popular choice among professional athletes. Its main advantage lies in its lightweight construction. Gloves made from this leather shell have a fast break in. 
  • Full-grain leather shell – Some of the best softball gloves today are made from this material. The latter is known for being extremely strong. As such, it will last longer than any other gloves. On top of that, it is highly resistant to moisture absorption. So if your hands get wet while playing, you won’t experience discomfort, especially if the glove has moisture-wicking linings. 
  • Kip leather – Kip leather is an alternative option to cowhide and pigskin. Unlike those two options, kip leather has a smooth surface. And thus, it makes it easier to grip with your fingers. However, it lacks strength compared to cowhide and pigskins. Therefore, it should only be used by intermediate-level players. The break-in process for this material isn’t that difficult. 
  • Steerhide leather – Softball mitts made from Steerhide leather are known to be more expensive than others. Nevertheless, they offer superior quality. Steerhide leather is often preferred by serious players who value comfort above everything else. However, keep in mind that this leather is stiff and requires extensive break-ins. 

Choosing Gloves By Position

There are different positions where you’ll find yourself during a game. For instance, there are outfielders, infielders, catchers, pitchers, etc. Each position needs specific equipment.

Here are some tips on how to pick out the right mitt per role:

  • Pitcher’s glove – Pitcher’s gloves should have a deep pocket and closed web. In this way, you can hide the ball inside them. Such a design also ensures that you can grip the ball efficiently. 
  • Catcher’s mitt – The best gloves for catchers should have a large palm area. This allows you to catch balls easily without having to stretch too far. Moreover, these gloves must feature a good fit around the wrist. If the glove fits properly, it will prevent injuries.
  • Infielder’s glove – An ideal fielder’s glove features a low profile. This helps you to make quick movements when fielding ground balls. Additionally, it prevents you from getting injured due to awkward positioning. 
  • Outfielder’s glove – The best softball glove for outfielders must possess a deep pocket. Handling fly balls would be a lot easier. However, some players intend to use gloves that have open webs for added visibility. 
  • First base mitt – The ideal base mitt has a shallow pocket so that you can do quick ball transfers. After all, responsiveness is quite needed for this position. Keep in mind that these mitts are longer than any other glove. 

Keep in mind that these gloves are available in different orientations: left and right. Hence, as a tip, you should mind your throwing hand so that you can refine your choices. 

In Summary

In a nutshell, the best fastpitch softball glove for small hands should be comfortable enough for you. At the same time, it should protect against stings and injuries. As a result, you will be able to play efficiently. 

Whether you are looking for a catcher’s mitt or infield glove, always remember that size matters. You would need a gear that fits your specifications. If the glove is too loose or too tight, you won’t be able to concentrate easily. Price and brand aren’t always the factor that determines the best softball glove for you.

That’s it for the meantime. If you have other inquiries, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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