Best Baseball Gloves For Pitchers: Reviews & Buying Guides

The best baseball gloves for pitchers are a necessity. 

Being a pitcher is challenging. Not only do pitchers have to be skilled at pitching, but they also need to be talented fielders so they can help out their teammates by making plays in the field. It would undoubtedly help if pitchers invested in the proper equipment for the position, such as a good quality baseball glove and other equipment that should make fielding.

While many people may overlook this piece of equipment, every pitcher needs to understand that it can make the difference between winning and losing. A quality glove can help to increase accuracy, improve control and even minimize fatigue.

Here are some of the most picked and acknowledged pitcher gloves that you should consider.

Wilson A2K B212 SuperSkin 12” Pitcher’s Baseball Glove 12 inchesPro Stock Select leather
SSK S16200GN 12" Select Professional Series Infield/Pitcher Baseball Glove12 inchesPro Stock Select leather
Mizuno Select 9 Baseball Glove Series 12 inchesBio soft leather
Wilson A2K Baseball Glove Series 12 inchesPro Stock Select leather
Rawlings Renegade Baseball Glove Series 13 inchesLeather

Top 5 Best Baseball Gloves For Pitchers

1. Wilson A2K B212 SuperSkin 12″ Pitcher’s Baseball Glove

The Wilson A2K B212 SuperSkin presents itself as a wonderful choice for a pitcher’s glove. It features a Copper Pro Stock Select leather construction for better durability and responsiveness. This glove requires minimal break-ins and can be conditioned easily. Just do some catches, and this glove will eventually mold or conform to your hands. 

The Wilson A2K B212 SuperSkin has a rolled dual welting for more long-lasting shape retention and a faster break-in. It is not similar to its ordinary leather pitcher’s gloves that come stiff. With its double palm construction, this glove can give you the stability that you need to pitch appropriately. Its pocket has a moderate depth, which is useful for concealing your grip. All the hardware of this glove is handcrafted to ensure their flawlessness. The web and laces are durable and never susceptible to breakages. 


  • Size – 12 inches
  • Position – Pitcher
  • Material – Copper Pro Stock Select leather
  • Webbing – Two-piece
  • Orientation – Right-hand throw / left-hand throw
  • Reduced break-in time
  • Handcrafted quality
  • Provides a snug fit
  • No noticeable drawbacks

2. SSK S16200GN 12″ Select Professional Series Infield/Pitcher Baseball Glove

Another superb pitcher glove that you can get today is the SSK Select Professional Series Glove. This one is designed to have a left-hand throw orientation and offers a Select Pro Series leather construction. The material itself is ideal for baseball players because of its naturally fast break-ins. At the same time, it has been factory broken even further to ensure that you will only do minimal conditioning. If you can just use this glove, you will realize it has a game-ready quality. 

Specifically, the leather is made from top-grain cowhide leather. Hence, it is never as flimsy as other synthetic counterparts. Even the laces are made from the same specialized leather, too. With its open-back design, you can guarantee that pitching would be a comfortable task to execute. It has a fully closed basket web that aids in hiding your pitch. Batters will never really guess if you are going to do a fast or slow pitch while using this glove!


  • Size – 12 inches
  • Position – Pitcher
  • Material – Select Pro Series top-grain cowhide leather
  • Webbing – Basket
  • Orientation – Left-hand throw
  • Conceals balls very well
  • Highly durable construction
  • Conforms to your hand’s shape quickly
  • No noticeable drawbacks

3. Mizuno Select 9 Baseball Glove Series

Mizuno also offers a high-quality glove for pitchers in the form of the Mizuno Select 9 Baseball Glove Series. This glove is intended for infielders, but it works well with pitchers, too, thanks to its pocket depth and closed webbing architecture. It features a handcrafted quality; it is tailored from Bio soft leather, which exudes professional quality and performance. Specifically, this material strikes the perfect balance between softness and durability. In this way, pitchers will feel the control and stability that it offers. 

Of course, this glove has been factory broken in to ensure that you don’t spend too much time breaking it in. Interestingly, the pocket of this glove has been designed to be centered under its index finger to aid in the faster break-in. After oiling it, it has a game-ready performance; alternatively, you can also play catches with this ball until it conforms and squeezes well with your hands. Meanwhile, its basket web assists in concealing your grip and ace as many pitches as you can. Of course, it provides a snug and comfortable fit, making it useful for extended and intense games.


  • Size – 12 inches
  • Position – Pitcher
  • Material – Bio soft leather
  • Webbing – Basket
  • Orientation – Right-hand throw / left-hand throw
  • Requires minimal break-in
  • Lightweight and aids in grip control
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Minimal padding makes it prone to stings

4. Wilson A2K Baseball Glove Series

The Wilson A2K Baseball Glove Series is another opus from Wilson designed to cater to fielders and pitchers alike. It exudes a professional quality, as proven by the use of Pro Stock Select leather on its construction. Of course, this sporting brand asserts that this particular leather variant is better than other leathers. The leather has been sorted multiple times to ensure its flawlessness and consistency. Hence, it is safe to say that this glove is durable and features a quick break-in. It also got a rolled dual welting for longer shape retention. 

One of the notable features of the Wilson A2K Baseball Glove is its double palm construction. Specifically, a handcrafted, thin leather is integrated between its pocket’s exterior shell and palm liner. Due to this innovative design, its pocket gains additional stability. It benefits pitchers, mainly since it enhances their ball control and grip. Furthermore, the double palm construction ensures that its pocket is not susceptible to wrinkles. When used in catching, such a trait reduces uncontrolled bouncing when balls hit the palm. 


  • Size – 12 inches
  • Position – Pitcher / infielder
  • Material – Pro Stock Select Leather
  • Webbing – Two-piece
  • Orientation – Right-hand throw / left-hand throw
  • Impressive pocket stability
  • Conceals balls adequately 
  • Durable and offers extensive shape retention
  • A little bit stiff when it is still new

5. Rawlings Renegade Baseball Glove Series

If you need a balanced and versatile pitcher’s glove, I suggest that you check out the Rawlings Renegade. This one is designed as a utility glove, which means that it can assume different positions inside and outside the diamond. It is an outstanding option for pitchers, given that it has a closed basket webbing that protects your grip from the spying eyes of batters. Furthermore, the glove comes with a game-ready feel, as it has been mostly factory broken. A few catches and oiling, and you can fully experience its full potential.

Of course, despite being an entry-level glove, this one is ideal for serious players. It is lightweight and durable at the same time. Furthermore, it comes with a high-density cushioned palm and padding on its index finger to protect you against stings. Well, you might not need such a feature if you are pitching since you will not do too much catching at all. However, if you are going to switch positions, this glove’s protectiveness will prove to be useful. Meanwhile, its meshed back panel aids in its shape retention, responsiveness, and balance. 


  • Size – 13 inches
  • Position – Utility
  • Material – Leather
  • Webbing – Basket
  • Orientation – Right-hand throw / left-hand throw
  • Comes with an adjustable fit
  • Arrives with a game-ready feel
  • Can last multiple seasons with minimal wear
  • Some find it too supple

How To Choose The Best Baseball Gloves For Pitchers

How To Choose The Best Baseball Gloves For Pitchers

Baseball players of all positions should take into consideration the design of gloves before purchasing them. An outfielder’s glove, for example, would not be an ideal glove for a pitcher because it lacks padding and flexibility. Pitchers don’t need too much padding because they aren’t tasked to do any fielding inside the diamond. Hence, they don’t worry too much about stings and impacts. 

However, there are other considerations in choosing the ideal pitcher’s glove for you or your players. 

Here are some of them.

Sizing And Fit

When it comes to choosing a baseball glove for pitchers, size does matter. Some people think that small gloves aren’t that good. But that’s not actually true all the time. For young players, small gloves are downright beneficial. It provides them with great control, as well as an enhanced feel when playing. As a result, they can pitch and throw balls comfortably.

Keep in mind that a glove that is too large can hinder a pitcher’s performance. Of course, it is a distraction that you should avoid at all costs. For a pitcher’s glove, it is essential that players can squeeze it properly. If players can’t do this, then there’s no point in using the glove since it is too large for their bidding. They should just get another one-something that is smaller and can provide a snugger fit to them. 

A pitcher’s glove should have a size that is quite similar to an infielder’s glove. Specifically, youth players should get 10.75-inch to 12.5-inch gloves, and older pitchers should use 11.5 inches to 12.5 inches gloves. Interestingly, slow-pitch players might require bigger pitcher’s gloves-maybe as gigantic as 14 inches. 


The construction of a pitcher’s glove can determine its overall performance. Of course, that’s not a surprising fact, but I just want to emphasize it so that you can understand its relevance. 

At this point, leather is still the best material for baseball gloves-and that encompasses any type of gloves and mitts. Specifically, oil-treated and factory-broken leather gloves provide an immediate game-ready performance to players. They excel when it comes to durability, shape retention, and overall feel. 

If you want a step higher than the standard leather, you might want to search for those gloves tailored from Pro Series or Premium leather. These variants have the best quality and craftsmanship. They are often used by adults and professional players because of their unquestionable durability that can last multiple seasons. Once these leathers are broken in, they can conform to your hand pretty well. 

But of course, if you just want a practice glove or a unit that your young pitcher can use, you are free to use synthetic leather. After all, it is affordable, lightweight, and doesn’t require break-ins. But at the same time, their quality and performance are not really on the same level as their authentic leather counterparts.


Typically, most of the pitcher’s gloves today feature a closed webbing design. 

Generally, a closed web enables pitchers to get a proper grip of the ball while it’s in the glove’s pocket. In turn, the players will be able to adjust the tightness of their hold without the batter knowing the type of grip they are assuming. Of course, concealing is a part of baseball. If batters can see a pitcher’s hold, they can easily deduce if a slow or fastpitch is heading towards them.

But if your player is still young, you may not really need to get them a glove with the closed web. After all, young pitchers tend to use fastballs all the time. Hence, there’s no point in concealing the grip anymore.

The problem with these closed webbings is that they can make the gloves accumulate dirt and dust. Unlike open webs, there’s no exit for this debris once they get inside the glove’s pocket. If you are a pitcher, that’s a problem because that prevents you from gripping the ball properly.  

Because of this, a standard web pattern used in pitcher gloves is the H-web. It got its name through the arrangement of the leather straps on the web (which forms the H shape). The H-web is also a popular option for both infielders and outfielders because it enables debris and dirt to pass through the glove. This means that you won’t scoop any dirt when catching and pitching balls.

Occasionally, they can also use gloves that have a trapezoid web. The lacing pattern is quite akin to fully-closed webbings. But at the same time, they still leave some opening for dirt to exit. 

Overall Comfort And Feel

A pitcher’s glove is made to handle throws from the catcher without chafing, and it can also stop a line drive back toward the mound.

It needs to be flexible enough for you to throw naturally while still providing adequate protection.

The weight of a pitcher’s glove is light enough for your arm not to get tired. Of course, it is light because it doesn’t have too much padding.

The lace-up system is a little different from the other types because it allows you to secure your hand into the pocket of the glove. It can also provide more support for your wrist, allowing you to pitch for more extended periods without experiencing any stiffness or pain.

Pitchers often have an open area on the back of their gloves near the wrist strap. This can help to improve airflow through the glove and for ball holding while adjusting grip.

In Summary

Having the best baseball gloves for pitchers is something that every player should aim for. I mean, if you are playing this position, you should invest in a functional and high-quality glove. The same is true for parents who have young pitchers. You don’t want them to have poor performance because their gloves are too tight and difficult to control. Pitchers can easily dictate the game if they are properly composed and equipped with the right gear and skills. 

That’s it for the meantime. If you have other inquiries related to baseball gloves, feel free to ask me in the comment section below.

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