Top 4 Best Baseball Glove Repair Kits

If you have a high-quality baseball glove, chances are, it would last for a long time. And that’s something that you should expect for these types of rugged gloves. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need a baseball glove repair kit at all. Such thinking is entirely unfounded. It is like you want to go to war but without having enough ammunition for your arsenal. 

Surely enough, your baseball glove could be made of some of the best types of professional-grade leather out there. But at the same time, this doesn’t mean that the glove is invulnerable to damages. Over time, its construction would weaken; they eventually show signs of degradation (such as broken laces or torn pockets).  Fortunately, you don’t need to throw these baseball gloves once they sustain damage. With a repair kit, you will be able to revive them and retain their playability and functionality. 

Best Baseball Glove Repair Kits

There are a lot of repair kits for baseball gloves out there. Hence, choosing one can get a little baffling, especially if you aren’t that familiar with these utilities. 

For those who want to get the best baseball glove repair kits right from the get-go, you should check the following selection:

  1. Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Care Kit
  2. Markwort Deluxe Pro Relacer Kit
  3. Franklin Sports MLB Dr. Glove Deluxe Lacing Kit
  4. TOFL Softball and Baseball Glove Lace Kit

Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Care Kit

One of the most recommended baseball glove repair kits out there is the Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Care Kit. Understandably, many of you would raise your eyebrows while assuming that this unit is designed only for the A2000 baseball glove series of Wilson. While this repair kit’s original intention, you can actually use all of its components in repairing other leather gloves-regardless if your glove or mitt is made by Rawlings, Mizuno, or other manufacturers. 

So what is inside this repair kit? Well, you can get all the essentials here-from the glove oil, threading needles down to the rawhide laces that you can use to replace the torn laces of your baseball gloves. Moreover, it also includes a lacing tool, awl, and several cutters so that you can conduct efficient repair and maintenance even without anyone’s help. I can definitely give this baseball glove repair kit a 5-star due to it being a complete package. 

Markwort Deluxe Pro Relacer Kit

Many people have shrugged off the Markwort Deluxe Pro Relacer Kit as an option for a baseball glove repair kit. However, I do find it quite complete and useful, especially in fixing minor damages in your baseball glove or mitt. It is designed for repairing leather gloves of all types. It can work on full-grain to steer hide leathers. Furthermore, it is compatible with various baseball brands, so there’s nothing to worry about here.

The Markwort Deluxe Pro Relacer Kit contains all the essential supplies and tools for relacing your baseball gloves. Specifically, it comes with three leather laces (each has a length of 72 inches), leather punch, steel lacing tool, U-wire lacing tool, and tool tote. And even if you aren’t that good when it comes to fixing your glove’s laces, this kit can help you out. After all, it includes a step-by-step guide on how to do this process as simply and efficiently as possible.

Franklin Sports MLB Dr. Glove Deluxe Lacing Kit

Another option you got for a baseball repair kit is the Dr. Glove Deluxe Lacing Kit from Franklin Sports MLB. This one specializes in repairing and replacing torn and damaged leather laces. And as many of you have noticed, this unit is meant for relacing gloves that are typically used in MLB and other professional baseball leagues. As long as you get this lacing kit, you will be able to revive your worn fielding glove and make it functioning again. With its affordable price, it is not a surprise that a lot of people prefer to buy this kit than its other counterparts. 

This lacing kit has all of the things that you need to revamp your baseball glove. It includes a non-slip polyurethane-coated lacing needle that enables you to navigate the new leather laces to the glove without any fuss. Of course, it also comes with 4-feet rawhide lace, which is pretty nice if you ask me. However, keep in mind that this lacing kit doesn’t include any instructions on how to do the lacing. Hence, you might want to research some guides on how to execute this errand properly

TOFL Softball and Baseball Glove Lace Kit

If you want something comprehensive and complete, I suggest that you look at this baseball glove lacing kit. This package from TOFL will give you all the essentials for relacing a worn glove. It comes with six cowhide leather laces, with each of them having the size of 72 inches x 3/16 inches. Essentially, these laces are suitable for various types of amateur and professional gloves. Furthermore, with that amount of leather, you have more than enough to relace your fingers and pockets of your favorite baseball glove.

Of course, this kit also includes a heavy-duty lacing needle. It doesn’t bend or break, even if it encounters tough leather. Compatibility-wise, I can safely say that this baseball glove lacing kit works on various glove brands and models. And unlike other repair kits, the laces that the TOFL repair kit provides are available in different colors, ensuring that you can get your glove repaired without ruining its appearance.

In Summary

Having a baseball glove repair kit is quite important. It lets you conduct emergency repairs whenever it is needed. At the same time, it ensures that your baseball glove won’t become idle just because of some broken laces. These kits are affordable but highly essential utilities that every baseball player should have. 

That’s it for the meantime. If you have other inquiries, feel free to ask me in the comment section below.

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