Wilson A2K vs Rawlings Pro Preferred: Tale Of The Tape

Wilson A2K vs. Rawlings Pro Preferred.

I’m pretty sure that you have ever thought of this comparison in the past. Or probably, you just recently got the epiphany of placing these two exceptional baseball gloves side-by-side to see which one has the better edge. 

Of course, it is worth inspecting the respective performance and features of these two gloves. In this way, you will be able to make a pick that you will never regret. Furthermore, you have to keep in mind that either of these baseball gloves can take your game to the next level.

So without further ado, allow me to provide you a detailed comparison between Rawlings Pro Preferred and Wilson A2K. 

Wilson A2K vs. Rawlings Pro Preferred: A Tale Of The Tape

The following chart showcases the respective specifications of Rawlings Pro Preferred and Wilson A2K. At a glance, you will see that these two gloves vary in style, size, and even the materials used in their construction. 

 Wilson A2K
Rawlings Pro

Player ageAdultAdult
Positions Infield, Outfield, First baseman, Pitcher Infield, Outfield, First baseman, Catcher
Sizes Multiple (depends on the position) Multiple (depends on the position) 
Orientation Left-hand throw / Right-hand throw Left-hand throw / Right-hand throw 
Webbing Depends on the positionDepends on the position
Material Pro Stock LeatherFull-Grain Kip Leather
Lining LeatherPittards Sheepskin
Color / Style Options 1713
Price Higher price rangeHigher price range
Ideal usage Professional and competitive leagues Professional and competitive leagues 

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Now that we got the specifics of these two reputable baseball gloves, let’s head to their blow-by-blow comparison. 

When comparing these gloves, I had to mind several factors, such as the materials used on their structure and the comfort level that you can feel from them. Of course, price does matter here. If you check these two gloves, you’ll see that their price tags are really intended for those who are serious baseball players. 

But what do I mean by that? 

You see, these baseball gloves are pretty expensive. They aren’t similar to your entry-level leather gloves that only cost $30 to $100 apiece. The standard price of Wilson A2K is $349.95, while the Rawlings Pro Preferred is $300. Surely enough, you might find discounted versions of these gloves. But just by looking at those figures alone, it is safe to say that they aren’t designed for casual players. 

You only have to buy either of these gloves if you really want to ensure that you have a suitable baseball glove that can help you improve your performance during competitions and leagues. 

If you want to get gloves for practice purposes and amateur leagues, various Rawlings and Wilson baseball gloves are available to fit your needs and budget. 


One of the striking differences between the Wilson 2k and Rawlings Pro Preferred is the material used on their construction. 

Since we are talking about a professional Wilson baseball glove, then it is no surprise that the Wilson 2k features the much-revered Pro Stock Select leather. Specifically, the latter is manufactured from American Steerhide. Many MLB players opt for this type of leather on their baseball gloves due to its durability and exceptional feel. 

Pro Stock Leather also features flawlessness and consistency. They aren’t that difficult to break in, and their rugged fibers enable them to sustain multiple seasons. It is also notable that the Wilson A2K has rolled dual-welting, which features Pro Stock Select leather strips. This particular design improves the glove’s shape retention and break-in time. 

Meanwhile, the Rawlings Pro Preferred is using full-grain Kip leather. For those who are unaware about this leather yet, a Kip leather is basically derived from a calf hide. Given that it was taken from juvenile cows, you can expect that this leather is softer and thinner as compared to steer hides. Many believe that Kip leather is the best leather that it is due to its inherent features. It is durable, flexible, and light, which are qualities that many infielders are looking for. Furthermore, they don’t require extensive break-ins, which is a plus point for me. 

Overall, these two provide exceptional game-ready feel and performance. You’ll never have trouble breaking them in, as well as maintaining their suppleness.

Comfort Level 

Of course, it is also essential that we inspect the comfort and safety level that these two baseball gloves offer. First, let’s talk about Rawlings. Given that the Pro Preferred is tailored from Kip leather, any baseball player will never deny the comfort they can feel even if you wear it for extended periods. Furthermore, the glove is smooth on the inside. Even if you don’t wear your batting glove, your hands won’t feel angsty while being clad on this Rawlings baseball glove. 

I also need to emphasize that this glove series from Rawlings includes wool padding. The latter is integrated into the glove to assist the quick and optimal pocket formation and shape retention. Simultaneously, the padding also provides extra convenience and feel to the glove. Surely enough, the Pittards sheepskin palm lining of this glove ensures that your hands remain dry all the time. It has moisture-wicking properties to keep your sweat from causing any distractions. 

Meanwhile, the Wilson A2K is also known as a comfortable baseball glove for various infield positions in the professional baseball leagues. We have to keep in mind that it has exceptional craftsmanship so that it can attain the softness and flexibility that it should have. For instance, it includes a soft wrist lining that many players find favorable. 

Moreover, this baseball glove also includes a double palm construction. It is an innovative design that elevates the glove’s stability and protectiveness. It features a snug fit so that the glove won’t become too wobbly when worn. 

Between the A2K and Rawlings Pro Preferred, the one with the faster break-in is the latter. Wilson A2K requires more conditioning and catches before you can experience its suppleness and responsiveness. But once fully broken in, the Wilson A2K will definitely give you a fine time inside the diamond.


All gloves under the Wilson A2K and Rawlings Pro Preferred have correct webbing designs. Infield gloves have open-web patterns, while outfield, catcher’s, and pitcher’s gloves have closed webs. In this regard, I am pretty sure that Wilson and Rawlings know what they are doing. 

Moreover, I have to emphasize that the webs were constructed with optimal durability and strength. The leather laces used on them are tough and can withstand constant use and abuse.


One of the impressive things about the Wilson A2K and Rawlings Pro Preferred is that they cater to all types of players. Regardless if you are left-handed or right-handed, there’s a glove for you. It is one of the reasons why many professionals opt for these two glove series. Wilson and Rawlings ensure that their baseball gloves will accommodate the various needs and preferences of their customers. Of course, that’s a distinct justification for why these two brands are among the most reputable sporting manufacturers today. 

In Summary

In a nutshell, both the Wilson A2K and Rawlings Pro Preferred are high-quality baseball gloves. They are your ideal choices if you want to have a glove that offers insane levels of craftsmanship. As long as you can pick the glove that fits your hand size and position, any of these baseball glove series will benefit you. 

Between the two, Wilson A2K is more expensive. Meanwhile, Rawlings Pro Preferred offers quicker break-ins than Wilson A2K gloves. These two baseball gloves are using top-class leather materials; they have been hand-crafted to ensure that there are no flaws in their architecture. 

If you want to save money, then Rawlings Pro Preferred can give you a better deal. But if you want a glove that renders long-lasting performance and shape retention, the Wilson A2K should be the best route for you.

That’s it for the meantime. If you have other questions, feel free to ask me in the comment section below.

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